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If you came to this article it is because you are wondering how to obtain transitory resin in Genshin Impact, and that is what we will tell you today.

What is transient resin in Genshin Impact?

This is a new type of resin added in the beta version, which will allow you to get rewards for spending it after finishing a weekly boss. In addition to allowing you to replenish 60 resin originals once per temporary resin, just make sure to use it quickly.

How to get transient resin in Genshin Impact?

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    You should know that it has a shelf life of seven days, but the seven-day period begins on the Monday after you get this item and has seven more days depending on the day of the week you purchased the item.

    Transient resins are counted independently, and their expiration dates will all be different.

    You can buy it in the Homeworld store, after positioning yourself in rank six of Homeworld. You can access one per week, for a price of 1200 Realm Currency each, this is the currency of the new feature of the game.

    After presenting this guide on how to obtain temporary resin in Genshin Impact, we hope that you will be able to buy all the resin that you propose each day and get the best out of the game.

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