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We follow the tour through Genshin Impact and it is time to tell you how to Clear the Energy Amplifier Event Domain.

What is the Energy Amplifier Event Domain in Genshin Impact?

 This game presents us with some interesting events, in this sense, knowing how to clear the event domain of the power amplifier simply leads us to understand that it is an event similar enough to Hypostasis, because this allows us to consider some details that in a certain way can be relevant:


  •  There is the possibility of facing this domain in cooperative mode, only that we will have to set up the groups manually, this can be done with random people or, failing that, with friends.
  • To access this event it is necessary to have the possibility to select the challenge and adjust the difficulty as well as the modifiers that we consider favorable.
  • Unlocking the "Twisted Kingdom" domains does not necessarily require completing the Energy Amplifier event completely, however the "Additional Fruit Fragments" are well worth having as they allow us to get a better score.

How to Clear the Energy Amplifier Event Domain in Genshin Impact?

The number of domains that the Twisted Kingdom has are four and they are:


  •  Domain of Deception that is open from the start.
  • Furious Thunder Domain which is open from May 2.
  • Chaos Domain which is open from May 5.
  • Domain of Heresy that is open from May 8.

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    Knowing how to Clear the Energy Amplifier Event Domain leads us to consider:


    •  It is necessary to overcome some amount of enemies that are selected in each domain of Genshin Impact.
    • Each domain usually presents a respective Ley Line disorder which makes our career can become somewhat complex.
    • As we progress in this game, details corresponding to each challenge are revealed, which is favorable to have an idea about how to access the Twisted Kingdom.


     There are a number of elements that can be searched for in the event of the power amplifier in Genshin Impact, however, choosing to search for primogems does not require any difficulty, on the other hand it will only be necessary to carry out a respective cleaning that allows us to get a total of 60 primogems for each domain and then proceed to redeem them from the domain selection menu.

    The points are a very relevant matter when it comes, for this it is necessary to take into account:


    •  It is necessary to take care of exceeding some scoring thresholds which allows us to obtain data on fractured fruits.
    • The maximum amount of points to get is 20,000 in each domain, as we must consider that only every 1,000 points can give us "Fractured Fruit Data".
    • It is vital to understand that as we go up, there is the possibility that the data on fractured fruit for each threshold may decrease, this can become somewhat complex for travelers who have a lower level, since they will not have friends who can help.
    • To access the rewards in the event store, it is necessary to reach an amount of 10,000 points.

    Increasing the score in this Genshin Impact domain requires:

    • Select the difficulty which makes it possible to multiply the total points of the modifiers.
    • Then it is necessary to select the length of the domain as well as the total health of the enemies, in addition to the modifiers with which we will deal.
    • It is necessary to take care of bringing lunch, because food can heal us, in addition to that, it is essential to avoid anything that can reduce the damage.
    • It is necessary to bear in mind that we can change the "Fractal Fruit" that we have assigned, as this can benefit us.
    • There is the possibility of adjusting the difficulty modifiers of the domain, as this allows us to have the possibility of coupling the equipment.

     This is all we can tell you about Clear the Energy Amplifier Event Domain, in such a way that it allows us to work comfortably in Genshin Impact.

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