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Gears Pop: How to Get more Crystals

2019-08-28 22:16:27

The Gears Pop game is a new mobile game, in which you will have a lot of doubts and one of them is undoubtedly how to get more crystals, so we have created this guide to help you.

As we already mentioned Gears Pop, it is one of the most recent mobile games that is based on the Xbox series, and consists of creating many characters and weapons to complete each of the levels. For what it requires of many crystals, here we will tell you how to obtain more crystals quickly.

How to open the crystal box in Gears Pop

Every time you complete missions in the Gears Pop game, you will receive crystal boxes but it takes a timed time to open them. You have two options to choose from, one closes your application and wait for the backward time to pass, second option you use some crystals, using crystals will make the box more quickly, this guarantees you greater strength for the next level.

How to get more crystals quickly in Gears Pop

There are some ways in which you can get more crystals in Gears Pop faster, one of them is buying them in the game store with real money, where you will get with very varied packages. However, it is a very coveted way for players to have faster crystals, so you will always have it available if you want to advance.

But if you do not want to spend real money or do not have available to invest, you get them by completing rewards, for this you just have to select the Missions tab and at the bottom you will find a list of challenges that you can complete by selecting each one of them. You have two options in each challenge you face, the first one can lose 300 if you are defeated in the Versus or Hordes battle, and the second is to win 1000 coins, you will also be rewarded with 50 coins and 10 crystals in each challenge.

We hope that with this guide you have clarified your doubts and can get more crystals in Gears Pop, remember that you have two ways to do it, it is only a matter of the rush you have in the game.

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