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Gears 5: How to Heal - tips and tricks

2019-09-04 17:38:06

Just a few hours after Gears 5 is released, so that you are well prepared in this guide we will tell you how to heal.

What is Gears 5?

This is the next video game developed by The Coalition and published by Xbox Game. The video game corresponds to the sequel to Gears of War 4 where you will have to play under the role of Kait Díaz who will have to find out the origins of Swarm and its own origins.

Health in this game is a very important issue, so by losing it naturally you will want to recover it quickly and in this guide we will tell you how to do it.

How to heal in Gears 5?

As in most action juices, health is also recovered automatically after a few seconds without damage. At least so far, this is the only way that is known to recover from the damage received.

How to avoid being damaged in Gears 5?

Avoiding damage will help you heal after receiving attacks, this is very important especially to start recovering your health as quickly as possible.

For this it is very important to visualize the enemy well, or at least know where their shots come from in order to cover you.

Cover yourself until your health recovers completely.

Sometimes it can be tempting to recharge only a little health and go back to combat, the truth is this is a reckless decision because we run the risk of dying faster than if we wait for it to recharge completely.

We hope that our guide on how to heal in Gears 5 will be very useful and know how to use it once the video game is released on September 10, 2019.

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