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Gears 5: How to fast travel

2019-09-06 21:10:01

elow we will explain how to take a quick trip through Gears 5.

In Gears 5 there are some levels of the open world, so it is possible to attach a fast trip, because at first there was only a car that is actually a bit slow and in some missions it is necessary to cover large distances, so having the option of a quick trip would be great to collect certain items that are necessary, since we need to explore absolutely all open areas, because there are hidden secrets in the game.

How to fast travel in Gears 5?

Simply in the game to fast travel, there is only one way and that is that the boat is half fast, when it comes to moving through the open worlds on the map, so try to move fast, that if you should avoid collisions at all costs .

It is convenient to emphasize that the coalition developer, has not said anything about the rapid trips in this game, might have thought that to explore all areas, it was only important to use the boat.

Remember that when you go hunting elements for the collection or when one of the secondary missions ends, you should be alert on the map, so open it from time to time, so that you can visualize the points of interest that may be relatively close, when you can complete the Objectives in the neighborhood is excellent because it tells you that you have accelerated 100%, because sometimes the amount of trips in the levels is limited.

During chapter five you can travel several times, through different places, since if you take into account the law 2, you will see that it is possible to experience each chapter in order to see in which position it is located, the best place as well as the culmination of The collection mission, that is why players need to learn how to use the boat, because it is the most viable option to fast travel, since walking makes the trip too slow in the game.

Finally, we hope it will be easy for you to travel quickly through the boat, as the only way and with more safety in Gears 5.

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