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Gears 5: How to Beat Warden - tips and tricks

2019-09-04 19:43:09

Here are some useful tips for you to know how to beat Warden in Gears 5

First of all it must be clear that Warden is an adversary with whom you will have to fight, because facing him in the melee is hard because they have a fairly strong skin, in addition, a helmet that is quite strong and this makes it practically not may cause more damage in relation to fire.

How can we beat Warden in Gears 5?

Well, little by little and as you explore you will meet Warden, this adversary, it is quite hard so it is important that any damage you cause is direct to the head, so it is important to throw a fragmentation grenade near the feet, Well, this should take off the helmet and expose the soft part of the head and it is discovered to receive more easily your attacks with fire, once you have removed the helmet, you must be clear that you have to point your full potential Fire in the head, any grenade is excellent, but if you have a longshot or boomshot they are excellent, if you do not have grenades simply use any weapon, shoot it.

Always remember that the head is the weakest point, to attack Warden's health, if you have long-range weapons, you will have to take consecutive shots in a row, for this you need to aim down with LT and then click on the left analog stick l3, when looking at the guardian, since he himself placed a red mark on his head, it indicates that he has been marked for his companions and in this way they can place all the fire there, then remember Jack Jack's abilities, because these are offensively and defensively and they will be very useful to take down the guard in a simpler way, because thanks to the flash and shock trap skills, everything will be easier for us in Gears 5 and we can beat Warden.

It is important that you keep a safe distance, because your adversary is thirsty for fighting, for this he has a fairly large sword, he also has some attacks of land pounds and you must be alert, and do everything possible so that he never approaches you .

In conclusion, to defeat Warden in Gears 5 it is important to aim with all the fire you can directly at the head of your enemy, it is necessary to remove the helmet and get it discovered, in order to eliminate him and never fight with him in fighting melee, because in this way you will not succeed.

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