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Gears 5 Horde Mode Ultimate Abilities guide

2019-09-05 20:26:16

This is the guide you were looking for, because here you will find Ultimate Abilities for Gears 5.

Gears 5 is already with us, and if you did not know the most famous mode of the series, Horde mode, will also be in this new installment.

What's new in Horde mode in Gears 5?

Horde mode will be part of the Gears 5 modes, as well as 12 playable characters and each of these 12 characters has a ultimate abilities, giving a total of 12 ultimate abilities clearly if we add them all. Precisely in this regard we have prepared this guide so that you know the ultimate abilities of Gears 5 and we leave you everything below.

What are the ultimate abilities of Gears 5.

Next, we will leave you all the skills along with a brief description of each one.

1. Reinforcement.

This ability belongs to Del. The function of this ability is to release Deebee trackers which will point directly to nearby enemies.

Keep in mind that this ability does not have a long duration, however, the damage it inflicts makes it worth using.

2. Barrier.

This skill belongs to Mac and with it you can protect yourself from any incoming damage, just keep in mind that it can protect you, but not your allies.

3. Artillery attack.

This ability belongs to JD and allows you to mark enemies to open jurisdiction with up to five rounds of Artillery Strike producing a huge amount of damage to the enemy.

4. Camouflage camouflage.

This ability belongs to Kait and allows him to become almost invisible. It is perfect for fast ambushes.

5. Electroblade.

This ability belongs to Lahni and with it you can stun enemies to later electrocute them with a melee weapon.

6. Drop-Shield.

This skill belongs to Emile and allows you to create a shield that will protect you against dome-shaped damage and can protect both you and your allies.

7. Replenishment

This ability belongs to Keegan and will allow you to replenish the monition of your allies and yours as well.

8. X-Ray.

This skill belongs to FAHZ and will allow you to open fire on enemies behind walls.

9. Hologram

This ability belongs to KAT-B320, the ability allows you to create a projection that moves along a defined path to eliminate your heat, which will allow you at the same time to generate a space of time since the enemies will be confused and attack the projection , being able to seize this moment to attack you.

In spite of how good it sounds, the ability has a very short duration so it is definitely not one of our favorites.

10. Heavy hitter.

This ability belongs to Sarah Connor, and with it you can use ballistic weapons to produce a huge degree of stunning to the enemy.

11. Living legend.

This skill belongs to Marcus and with it you can get deaths by head shot, but you don't necessarily have to aim directly at the head to get them.

12. Kidnapping

This skill belongs to Jack, with this ability you can have some control over the minds of the enemies, which means you can control them.

In this way we finalize our guide on ultimate abilities, and now that you know all the ultimate abilities in Gears 5 we hope you are more than ready to start the adventure now that the video game has been released. Remember that we have much more content for you about this and other titles that you will surely want to review to keep up with your games.

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