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Forza Street will arrive for iOS and Android.

2019-03-07 15:05:37

This is not the first time that the giant Microsoft tries to conquer the mobile market.

It seems that Microsoft will soon try again to conquer the iOS and Android market. And is that according to rumors are working on the development of Forza Street, which will be created for Windows 10 iOS and Android as Chronicle.info reports with reference in 3dnews.

This project is found in the weekly Forza Street publications and not in the text and in the hyperlink that leads to some file on the hard disk of one of the employees. But they removed the hyperlink, however, GTPlanet noticed this.

Still and at the moment do not know many more details of the video game developed in collaboration with British Studio Electric Square, who worked with Microsoft Studios in the Street Miami race for Windows 10 so they already have experience to at least make a fairly decent game by say something.

Microsoft also wanted to conquer the mobile platform like Gears Pop! last summer, action in the universe, Gears of War in which the characters remember the figures of Funko Pop. This project will be available for iOS and Android in several places in the world.