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Today we bring you a Forza Horizon 4 guide in order to talk to you about how to increase your influence.

What is the influence on Forza Horizon 4?

  This is a necessary aspect to achieve that allows us to determine the types of events and races, it is vital to choose to unlock it as soon as possible in order to win and place ourselves at the top, sometimes this can be a bit frustrating but every little effort that can being done is well worth it.
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    How to increase your influence on Forza Horizon 4?

    This is an action that leads to considering embarking on a series of activities where there is the opportunity to win races, complete challenges and complete some events that allow collecting collectibles, in this sense we leave below a list of methods to be executed with which it is possible gain influence and these are:


    •  Explore the open world: There is a considerable amount of roads through which it is possible to move around in this game, for this it is well worth dedicating to explore a little in order to gain influence, because here we find an open world to take advantage of .
    • Choose to unlock extra cars: Having the possibility of getting additional cars allows you to gain influence and for this it is necessary to complete a collection of cars, in addition to obtaining influence, the possibility of driving different vehicles is offered and for this it will only be enough to use the letters that are present here.
    • Win a race in style: this is another favorable method when it comes to knowing how to increase your influence and for this it is necessary to aim the multipliers at a maximum level of speed, corners or drift in order to win in style.
    • Destroy the boards: this is another alternative that can perfectly well be used for this, it is necessary to get out of the main field in order to carry out some exploration activities where there are hidden boards and take charge of destroying them, they are a somewhat complex task that allows us to gain 5,000 influence Well, to destroy them it is necessary to jump into difficult spaces, as some are usually located on rooftops.

    Now that you know how to increase their influence, you should apply these methods and thus enjoy more peace of mind at Forza Horizon 4.

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