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Fortnite: Where to Visit Food Trucks - Chapter 2 Season 1

2020-01-10 10:08:02

Another day, another search, this time we have prepared everything you need on where to visit food trucks in Fortnite.

What is the challenge of food trucks in Fortnite.

This is an Overtime challenge in Season 1 of Chapter 2, where your main mission will be to find the location of food trucks and get the Purple Remedy Style for the mask unlocked at Level 40 on the Battle Pass.

Where to visit food trucks in Fortnite.

Next we will give you the detailed location of 4 food trucks that will be easy to find.

South of Retail Row, quadrant G7.

This truck is in the mountains south of Retail Row, next to a park bench and is an orange Snow Cones truck.

North of the pleasant park, quadrant D2.

This truck is parked just north of the nice park, where there are some trucks, along the road north of where that great throne of ice was for Winterfest.

North of the slow lake, quadrant F5.

Head north of the slow lake and look for the road that runs horizontally to see the truck.

South of Salty Springs, quadrant D4.

This truck is south of Salty Springs where the awnings and tables are next to the river to the south.

Remember that you only have to get close enough to the truck to continue with the search.

 Now that you know where to visit the food trucks in Fortnite, hopefully you can quickly complete this challenge so that you can continue with the Overtime challenges in Season 1 of Chapter 2 as soon as possible. And precisely for these challenges we have prepared several guides on them so you can complete them quickly, so stop by them to move on.

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Epic Games
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July 25, 2017
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