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Fortnite: where to spray billboards - tips and tricks – Chapter 2

2019-11-15 12:38:59

The universe of Fortnite is quite wide so we are here with a guide in which we will explain where to spray billboards.

 Spraying the billboards is simply a small event that we find in Fortnite, and is super simple if we are in the right place, otherwise it becomes quite confusing, which is why it has to be relevant to take a look at the billboard.

What are the challenges to unlock billboards in Fortnite?

 In order to get the billboards you need to unlock them and that's not achieved as if by magic, this is where some challenges for Cameo come into action, which allow us to win each of the skins of the battle pass, so let's see what these challenges are.

 Ø Reach level 80 in the first stage.

 Ø Complete 7 missions in the second stage.

 Ø Spraying billboards while wearing the Cameo costume in the third stage.

Where to spray billboards on Fortnite?

 In order to spray the billboards the first thing we must have with us is the skin of Cameo.

 There are 2 billboards that we will have to spray, the first is outside the park entrance west of Sweaty Sands, this is a fence that has been sprayed previously, but you must do it with a label of your own for it uses the spray that is in the skating park.

 The second billboard is for the RV park, it is relatively close to the skating area, she should be sprayed, there is no reason why we can not make use of this park, when we complete this challenge on the two fences the skin of Cameo automatically changed and look for a chic style.

 To close, we expect you to execute this challenge which consists of knowing where to spray billboards in Fortnite. Try it. 

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