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If you don't know where to find a shockwave grenade in Fortnite don't worry, because here we will tell you where to find them.

What are shockwave grenades in Fortnite?

This is a non-lethal throwable item that was first introduced during Season 5, it's an item that will come in handy for throwing opponents into the storm, or throwing yourself at your own feet and getting a boost. But if you don't know where to find a shockwave grenade, just read on.

Where to find a shockwave grenade in Fortnite?

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    This item can be found as floor loot, in common and rare chests, and supply drops only. These grenades spawn in stacks of 2 and can be carried in your inventory in stacks of 6.

    They have no cooldown between casts, which will help you if you want to throw your opponent into the storm or if you want to move quickly by throwing them at your feet, moving forward and jumping for a bigger cast, also to break structures.

    This is all you need to know about where to find a shockwave grenade in Fortnite, so now that we're done, we hope we've been very helpful for you to find this grenade and get a lot of use out of it in any situation.

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