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The new challenges in Fortnite lead us to tell you where to Deploy a Ghost Trap.

What to know about Fortnite?

Through the last quest we are presented with the task of setting a trap for ghosts, this in one of the locations on the map, considering that there are points for its deployment and in the content of this guide we will know where, let's see it next.

Where to Deploy a Ghost Trap in Fortnite?

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    It is only required for this mission that we place a single ghost trap, ideally we take into account among the places that are presented in the following list:


    •   In the dirty docks: we have it outside the north wall of the red brick building to the northwest of the complex.
    • In Holly Hedges: Outside the western wall of the store that is located in the center of town.
    • In Pleasant Park: this is found on the western edge that is in the picnic area in the center of town.


      When we have managed to put any of these traps we will have completed the search and the mission.

      We can conclude that knowing where to Deploy a Ghost Trap is easier than thought with these indications, you just have to apply them and continue progressing in Fortnite.

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