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Fortnite is a highly mobile game, today we will discover the details regarding the task of stoking a bonfire, consuming apples and foraged mushrooms.

  In Fortnite we find ourselves in the challenges of the 8th week, here we will have to carry out different tasks, being these a live fire, consume apples and forage mushrooms, in case we need help, it is possible that in this guide we will get the precise answers, Considering the complexity of this challenge, it is recommended that we focus our attention on the content presented below.

What should we know about the 8th week challenge at Fortnite?

  In our map there are several points in which to get the campfire, apples and foraged mushrooms, so we can complete this challenge by following the marked locations, now let's go ahead to have more details that allow us to get to the answers we are looking for.
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    stoke a fire, eat apples and forage mushrooms in Fortnite

     We will find that on the map we have marked the places for the mushrooms foraged by a blue spot, the bonfires for a yellow one and the apples for the red one, our start has to be in the Bosque de los Llorones, southwest precisely of the main camp, here we are going to get some forage fungi that are possible to consume, in the center of this forest we will have a couple of bonfires, which we are going to stoke, very close to the fungi we will find them.

     Then our course is towards the apples, we will find them under the same tree where the jars of honey from the bear mission were found, this is located directly south of the agency, to be more exact at a short distance from Weeping Woods, it is good that we take into account that we can access the wood of the trees before eating the apples, with some ramps that we build it is possible that we cause damage, if our health is complete it is not possible to consume the apple, so Throughout this area, on the ground we will have 5 apples, just eating one will complete this challenge.

     We concluded, knowing that the challenge of stoking a campfire, consuming apples and foraged mushrooms is easier than expected, so it is now possible to continue advancing in Fortnite.

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