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Fortnite Week 3: where to find Secret Battle Star - season 10 guide

2019-08-15 16:42:27

 In this Fortnite guide, we will quickly tell you everything you need to know to find  secret battle star.

As you may know, Fortnite's X season has already begun and with it, a lot of new and interesting things arrived.

What's new in Fortnite season X (10)

Among the most notable season changes first all we have that the map has had several radical and very notable changes, including the some areas disappearance which were replaced by others, as well as a general change in the map which has had a setback to previous seasons. We have also seen some new skins, events and other very interesting additions.

In one new challenges players will have the possibility to access a loading screen which reveals the secret battle star location and in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

How to find the secret battle star in Fortnite.

The first thing you have to know is that, to unlock the loading screen, you will have to have completed three the limited time challenges  mission called "Junk Storm"

Once you have the loading screen you can search a small rock that protrudes from the ground on the loading screen right side, the coordinates are I2, I3, J2, J3.

Go to the point where these coordinates are intercepted on a dirt road and look for the revealing earth patch where the star is. You will have to search carefully to find the patch and the star between the dirt road.

We hope that with this guide you are more than ready to find the Fortnite secret battle star  and the search will not be so complicated. We have much more content for you about this and other titles that will surely be useful to you, so we recommend you review it.

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