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Fortnite season 9 Guide What's new?

2019-05-11 19:14:59

This last season at Fortnite there are new areas to explore: Neo Tiled Towers and Mega Mall.

This new season is loaded with two new areas to explore such as, Neo Tiled Towers and Mega Mall, where the places must invest their time in exploring the new places to know where they can ambush their opponents.

Fortnite WEEK 1 CHALLENGES SEASON 9! - Sky Platforms, Slip Stream Locations

The Slipstreams

This is another futuristic addition and is located in the vicinity of Neo Tilted Towers, Mega Mall and a large part of the interior of the island, these towers will help you to push yourself when entering the wind current, so you can use them as a means of transportation to get out of trouble, air vents were added to improve your mobility and drive you into the air, making you immune to damage from falls.


As far as the weapons are concerned, Fortnite only added one at the beginning of season 9. It is the combat shotgun, this is a semi-automatic weapon that replaces the pumping shotgun known as "vault", which was removed from the game.

Fortnite Battle Pass

For this new season Epic Games made some changes, for those who bought the pass for 950 V-Bucks, they will have 100 levels to open new emotes, picks and skins like the Sentinel, progressive Rox, while for the lucky ones that reach level 100 , the skin Vendetta.