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Fortnite leaks suggest a Shadow Bomb object

2019-04-11 20:53:16

Recently the last patch of Fortnite, parhe 8.30v, has been released, adding with changes in the game modes of the game.

The Reboot Van and Reboot Cards have also been added, with this update and these two elements will allow the players to reappear their fallen comrades.

But this was not exactly what fans of the famous Battle Royale were waiting for from Epic, but to fix the recent problems that have been multiplying little by little.

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Leak: Shadow Bomb Coming to Fortnite 

Even though Epic has already published the full notes of the new update, there are some changes that have not been listed in the notes yet.

One of the unlisted changes is called "Shadow Bomb" and was leaked by the Fortnite data miner, named HYPEX, who found the name Pump of the Shadow in the directory.

According to audio elements found by Hypex, Shadow Bomb suggests that it could be similar to the Shadow Stones of season 6 which were added as part of the "Darkness Rises" aspect of the season.

The Shadow Stones would turn the players into shadows, it also allowed the players to become invisible by being motionless, being faster and being able to pass through the buildings, but the weapons were deactivated as Shadow.

The users could have the shadow bombs with them in the inventory without any problem, and use them like any other article.

According to Dexerto, the files of the last update also establish that players will soon have to "Use a Shadow Bomb in different matches",

We could see the shadow bomb in a few days even.