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Fortnite How to get V-Bucks free, all you nned to know

2019-05-16 16:01:51

In the universe Fortnite offers many things, in various types and ranges, however not all can be accessed, unless you own Fortnite V-bucks. This is the currency that is handled in the game and with which you can acquire anything, including skins, amotes, dances, everything. This makes the V-bucks so precious, also to have them you must buy them. However, there are certain recommendations with which you can get some V-bucks, which today we'll leave you here at xboxplay.games.

The first thing you should know is that there are many means that promise free V-bucks, but they are only for swindling, so you must be very careful. On the other hand, although you can play in Fortnite without this currency, you will not have access to the Fortnite Battle Pass Challanges and the rewards that these provide. But as we mentioned, there are a few things you can do to unlock some V-bucks, although you'll have to work hard.


Unlock Fortnite V-Bucks for free

Among the few ways to unlock Fortnite V-Bucks for free is raising your level. This you do with the XP and Battle Star that you can achieve by completing the challenges, both daily and those of the Fortnite Battle Pass. Obviously, raising the level will make you reach new levels in the Battle Pass system, either in the pay or free version, and after reaching many levels you'll get, each time, 100 V-Bucks.

Recommendations to raise your level in Fortnite

The fastest and most effective way to raise your level in Fortnite, is when you play aggressively, while you're getting many deaths and survive for a longer time. This will make you more likely to get XP bonuses, as well as complete certain challenges regarding the deaths, such as getting killed with a specific weapon.

Each of the mentioned achievements will be of great help to get many XP that in turn will raise your level. Also, they also help to get Battle Stars that are even better, since they help you to reach a new level in your Battle Pass, directly.

The original Fortnite mode could also help

The original mode in Fortnite, although it's the least popular, could also help you. It offers daily sign-in bonuses, daily challenges and rewards for Storm Shield Defense missions. These represent means to obtain some money daily, easily and quickly.

The Save The World mode in Fortnite could be an investment to get free V-Bucks

In Save The World you can win many V-Bucks by playing daily, completing missions. However, it currently has about $ 40 / £ 35, approximately. But you can see it as an investment, since you could get many V-Bucks, if you play and complete missions daily. However, if your case is the one you do not like the main game mode in Fortnite, it's not highly recommended, as it is quite different from Battle Royale mode.

Recommendations: beware of scams by V-Bucks

Due to the global impact that Fortnite has, there are now many people who want to take advantage of the players. You should know that right now there are thousands of websites, publications on the networks, fake videos or ads where free V-Bucks are promised. Each one is false. There is no way to do this, that is not linked to the game, like the ones we leave today.

Keep in mind that you should never provide your personal information, accounts or credit card on any website or people where you are promised free V-Bucks, even if they say they belong to Epic Games.