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Fortnite: How to find all Singularity Skin Helmet

2019-07-11 16:33:47

Let's start commenting about the final seasons of Fortnite Battle Royale where we present a secret form a good number of challenges per week in the case of the ninth season of Fortnite we are presented with a secret mask which must be unlocked by the players that if for that this is achieved must have 90 Fortbytes, including the most recent Fortbyte number that has been released on July 10, with this a total of 90 fortbytes are completed which are available to players and these collect them unlock the secret mask which forms and is part of the suit singularity but on the other hand other styles are also important to complete the dress, unlock and find all the Singularity Skin helmets that are hidden in different places which are located in different places on the map of the well-known real battle game at Fortnite.

Where to find all the Singularity skin helmets

In Fortnite we have specific places where we can find all the Singularity skin helmets for each helmet which releases a new style, in the particular case of season 9 it has styles and they are cuddle, durr, drift, rex and pizza, in this way each of the locations of the helmet appears on the map of Fortnite that is left below.

In this sense the pizza style of the helmet is obtained in the rock that dominates the vault of loot lake, on the other hand the drift style is behind two boxes that are located north of polar peak, likewise the durr style is close of the statue in neo tilted, the cuddle style is located within the area of ​​the person plant and finally the rex style we got in skybase which is in the west of dusty daviot.

Collecting the Fortnite Singularity Skin helmet at each of these locations will give players the ability to customize the appearance of the attire that players have been working to unlock during season 9 by collecting Fortbytes. Visiting the locations of each Fortnite Singularity Skin helmet will probably be much easier if you go to look for them when you play in limited time mode like Team Rumble, as there will be less chance of enemy players eliminating you and forcing you to start a new one game. . Team Rumble also gives players a much easier opportunity to travel farther on the Fortnite map and visit each of the locations of the Singularity Skin helmets.

Finding all the cases of Singularity skin is really much easier as long as you dedicate yourself to look for them while playing in limited time mode such is the case as team rumble, because in this way you have the possibility to play more comfortable considering that the opponents are less likely to finish and you need to start the game again, in another order of ideas team rumble offers you the option to move much further through the map of Fortnite and get to each of the places where all the Singularity skin helmets are, it's not great!

All Singularity Helmet Locations Guide

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