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We have prepared this guide so that you know how to enter the mothership in Fortnite, so pay close attention not to miss anything.

What is the mothership in Fortnite?

It is an addition that has been made to the game and that has begun to kidnap players, however, being kidnapped is not that simple, but it is worth it since this will allow you to get powerful weapons and objects, this being the best option for Get the best gear in the game right now. That is why the following article explains how to enter the mothership.

How to enter the mothership in Fortnite?

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    If you wonder how to enter the mothership, to do so you will have to be kidnapped. To do this you will have to go to the giant Abductors on the map, which are ring-shaped and appear in groups of three in each match and are placed on named locations. Those can be seen even before jumping out of the battle bus, so we recommend targeting one from the jump.

    Abductors sometimes let out bright beams of light, the key is to stay in the beams of light long enough to be abducted and carried away by the ship.

    You will have to be patient, as the kidnappers may not even point the beam of light at you, so you may not be kidnapped. We recommend that you wait for enough players in the area as the ship minigame will require a group of players. So be patient and hang out near a ship and run towards the beam of light until you get kidnapped.

    How to enter the mothership in Fortnite? - Inside the ship

    When you manage to access the ship, a timed minigame will start, in this you will have the task of obtaining golden colored orbs that are scattered in the environment, these are orbs of the vault and they will determine the loot that you will receive at the end of the activity, so make sure to get the most of them before time runs out and you're kicked out.

    You can increase the collection time with the small orbs that are in the sand.

    You have to keep in mind that you will not be the only player and they are all equipped with a non-lethal weapon that will take down the enemies and the minigame takes place in a low gravity environment, so the blaster is quite useful.

    After the timer runs out and you obtain five orbs from the vault, you will be taken to the vault of the ship, where you can spend time obtaining Fortnite chests with rewards that will vary depending on the number of orbs you obtain, for which it will be worth the worth getting a lot of orbs in the end (finding all five will give you legendary gear, four will give you epic gear, and so on).

     That's all you have to know about how to enter the mothership in Fortnite, we hope our guide has been as useful as possible so that you can access the mothership quickly and get many rewards based on the orbs you get.

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