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Fortnite: How to enable cross platform matches on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC

2019-05-24 16:40:03

Fortnite has the peculiarity that games can be made in multiplatform, which is very good if you really have the desire to carry out a Battle Royale with friends who use other settings for the game. Currently, Fortnite can be played online through the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android platforms; and this only using a single account, which in turn has a great benefit since you can continue your progress and unlock, regardless of the platform that you have tried. However, the configuration for Fortnite games in multiplatform must enable you, due to that we leave you the information in this article.

How to enable multiplatform games in Fortnite

Since you surely want to play some games with your friends regardless of the platform, then we leave you what you need to know to enable the Fortnite games in multiplatform.

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Create an Epic account

To start, the first thing you should know is that Fortnite can only play multiplatform games with people who have friends in your Epic account. This account is different from the Friends List for PS4 or Xbox One, for those who play in console. In this sense, if you are a console player, you should be sure to go to EpicGames.com and create an account. For the case of players on PC or mobile, you'll already have an Epic Account.

There is a hierarchy of platforms

The above doesn't mean that you can enter a mobile lobby while you're a PC player and end all. By default, this is not fair because it has a better resolution, controls among other things. Also, there is a hierarchy of platforms and the player of the group that is at the top, in that hierarchy, will be the lobby where a match will be made. That said, in the case where you've a mobile player, a PS4 player and a PC player, in the same group, everyone will play against PC players.

Find friends who want to play Fortnite on multiplatform

The next step is to get friends who want to play Fortnite on a multiplatform platform through their Epic account. At this point, if you're in console, you're going to need a PC to do this.

You must download the Epic Launcher and open it to log in to your account. Then, make a clip in the silhouette located in the upper right corner and proceed to enter Epic username or Epic user name of the friend you wish to add and then press OK. You must the previous process until you've invited all the friends that you have in mind or available.

Invite friends to your Lobby for Fortnite in multiplatform

After your friends accept the friend request, you can return to the Selection System. But now, when you click on the silhouette, you can see all your friends; At this point you should highlight the name and select "join the party" to be entered into your lobby and this is it.

Considerations and Recommendations: problem with third-party chat

Currently, the only problem of great relevance with the Fortnite experience in multiplatform is that, being in different devices, you can not enter a Third Party Chat.
Because of this, you must have some creativity and use alternative means to eat, such as Google Hangouts, Skype or Discord. Of course, communication is necessary if you want to get the Victory Royale.

That's all the information you need to enable Fortnite games on multiplatform. Now go to invite and enjoy with your friends.

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