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Fortnite: How to earn XP and get rewards fast - Tips for level up

2019-05-24 15:57:13

Whether you're starting in Fortnite or you have already taken time, effort and money invested in it, you'll surely want to get many XP and good statistics for battles to raise the level as quickly as possible. There are ways to achieve this and you can apply for any temporda, even in this recent season 9 in Fornite. To help you satisfy your wishes, here at xboxplay.games we leave this article with the necessary details for you to understand the Leveling System as well as some tips and recommendations to raise the level.


XP and Battle Stars Fortnite raise the Level

The first thing to know is that the necessary elements to raise the level in Fortnite are the XP and the Battle Stars. With this in mind, you should concentrate on getting these.

The XP is achieved while you play in Fortnite and according to your performance in the matches you generate more rewards. Accumulating the XP helps increase the level in the season. In this sense, every time the XP reaches the limit, you get to increase by one level as well as get a few Battle Stars.

The Battle Stars also help raise the level in the season and get a few rewards, that is achieved every time you accumulate 10 Battle Stars. Another way to get Battle Stars, in addition to the XP is by completing the various challenges available.

How to raise the level in Fortnite quickly

It's important to make clear that there is no easy or cheap way to quickly raise the level in Fortnite, except for the fact that several hours must be dedicated to the game. However, there are some recommendations and tips that can help a lot while playing, and you can get them in the following sections.

Playing with friends in squads (or duos)

Playing with friends formed duos or squads can be quite beneficial, especially if you want to accumulate many XP. This is because when you buy the Battle Pass, anyone who plays together (as a team) receives increases in the XP. Obviously, this helps to raise the level much faster. This also means that if you play along with someone who has the Battle Pass, you'll receive a favorable boost for the XP you get.

Taking into account the above, it's recommended that you reach an agreement with three other friends to obtain the Battle Pass and play squads. Otherwise you can play in duo with a friend who has Battle Pass. In any case you will receive a good boost with the XP, even more than you would get if you're among the top five in individual games.

Get high positions and many deaths in squad matches (or duos)

This recommendation goes along with the previous one. Even if you have help playing in duos or squads, do not forget that it helps a lot to eliminate opponents. Also, the more deaths you get and you end up in a better position, the greater the reward with XP and even the amounts will gradually increase.

For its part, getting many deaths and high positions helps so much that even if you get a Victory Royale, then it'll produce a high dose to get a fast leveling. Along with that, reaching certain points in the Battle Pass will also generate good rewards in high amounts in XP, so you should not neglect to win the Battle Stars.

Completing daily challenges helps increase the level in Fortnite

Overcoming daily challenges helps a lot when you want to increase the level during the season. Daily new challenges are presented and it's even possible to have up to 3 as maximum and its difficulty varies since they can be easy or somewhat complicated, but they can always be overcome (and if you need help, you can take advantage of our guides).

Completing each daily challenge produces as a reward large amounts of XP along with about 5 or 10 Battle Stars. You don't have to worry if you could not do any challenge on the day when it was released, just make sure you log in and verify which ones were launched that day to complete them later. In any case, it's very important to take advantage of the daily challenges in the seasons to raise the level in Fortnite.

Battle Pass Fortnite gives additional daily challenges (mark those challenges)

In addition to the daily challenges that are normally thrown, there are also additional challenges that can be achieved by buying the Battle Pass. There are 7 additional challenges a week that are obtained by obtaining the Battle Pass for the respective season in Fortnite. These turn out to be good since completing 4 will produce about 5000 XP. Also, this amount increases by about 1000 XP from the sixth week onwards.

Attention to weekends "Double XP" in Fortnite

In Fortnite, for some seasons, the developer Epic introduced an increase in 200% for the XP during certain events. Such events usually have the tendency to occur on weekends by the end of a season. Taking into account that you get twice as much XP as you could get, it pays to be careful in the last weeks for a season. This is especially beneficial if you feel you are falling behind.

Outside of the previous recommendations, there are no tricks to get the level up so quickly, unless you need to raise the level in the Battle Pass, which you can do by buying the level for 150 V-Bucks, each one.

Now go take advantage of this information and raise your Fortnite level in the season. Don
n't forget to share this information with your friends since it could help them a lot. Remember to always come back here, xboxplay.games and leave comments telling your experiences in the game, doubts or any other detail you want to add to help the other players in the community.
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