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Fortnite: How to complete the haunted limited time challenges

2019-10-31 11:53:11

In this new opportunity we will talk about how to complete the haunted challenges of limited time in Fortnite.

Fortnite this time brings us a special event for the current season of Halloween, near the date of this event, it brings us the haunted challenges of limited time, we can get many XP if we complete these challenges, terrifying things we will meet and we will have many adventures In this event, we will discover that we will fight against hordes of demons on the island in the center of the map, all with a time limit to perform the challenges, so to know more we will have the following content.

What should we know about haunted time-limited challenges in Fortnite?

 This special Halloween event for Fortnite brings us the haunted challenges of limited time and these are composed of 6 challenges that we must meet in a limited time period and are the following:

  •  · Search for a chest in an enchanted forest, a ghost town and a creepy farm (3)
  • Defeat the king of the storm (1)
  • · Destroy haunted home furniture (5)
  • · Distribution of damage to the weaknesses of the storm king (10,000)
  • · Relive your teammates while fighting the king of storms (3)
  • · Jump from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20m (1)


How to complete haunted time-limited challenges in Fortnite?

 We will have the details for each of the haunted challenges of limited time:

 Find a chest in an enchanted forest, a ghost town and a spooky farm

 To meet this challenge we must find a chest in each of these places, The forest will be found in Weeping Woods, the farm in Frenzy Farm and the ghost town does not appear on the map as a location, it has some haunted houses with areas Waiting outside, we will find it to the northeast of the map, between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks, the reward is 30,000 XP for completing this challenge.

 Defeat the king of the storm

 This challenge is divided into 3 stages, breaking the first horn, the second and defeating the king of the storm, in order to attack the horns we must shoot at the weak points and they will be exposed for a time limit, in that instant we will concentrate all the attack on the horns, now to defeat the king of the storm the main key is that our teammates can stay alive so we can defend ourselves from demons, so we will cause the damage that will help us destroy the weak points, together to the king's horns, we must avoid the light shot that he will make and for this the indicated thing is that we are not ahead to avoid being killed, by completing this challenge we will obtain as a reward the Storm Sail Glider Candle.

Destroy haunted home furniture

 The haunted challenges of limited time have a new addiction in the special Fortnite event, this challenge consists in destroying 5 haunted furniture, these are possessed and float in the air causing terror, we must crush them and we will find them randomly in the houses of The whole map, so we must visit those that are enough to complete this challenge, the Reward is 30,000 XP for achieving it.

 Damage distribution to the storm king's weaknesses

 We must enter the king of the storm LTM to fight him, new way in the game, in the different phases of the fight we will see a message from WEAKPOINTS, where a specific area of ​​the king of the storm will begin to shine in gold , in this area we must shoot as long as possible to accumulate a total damage of 10,000 points, the Reward for this challenge is a King's Wrath Spray.

 Relive your teammates while fighting the king of storms

 The ray of light of the storm king is deadly, so we will have many of our dead companions, this challenge is that we must revive 3 of them, to do so it is good that we first take our companions to a place sure and then if you relive them, allege them of the action bouncing on the launching platforms to accelerate our movement, if we manage to meet this challenge the Reward will be the Flag of the Wrath of the King.

 Jump from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20m

 There are in this Fortnite challenge different forms of hiding places, such as haystacks and garbage containers, with pressing the button when we are close to them we can hide, this in order to jump once an opponent approaches, the Reward for achieving it is of 30,000 XP

Thus we terminate the guide, with the satisfaction that we fulfill the objective with the content that it has on how to complete the haunted challenges of limited time in Fortnite and knowing that it will be useful for us.

PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Survival, battle royale, sandbox
Epic Games
Epic Games
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
July 25, 2017
Co-op, multiplayer
age rating:

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