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Fortnite: How to Complete Secret Sorana Skin Challenges

2019-12-03 12:31:56

Fortnite does not stop entertaining us, and for you to move forward we will tell you how to complete secret Sorana skin challenges quickly.

What is the Sorana Skin in Fortnite?

This is an aspect that has been added recently in chapter 2 season 1, it will be necessary to have completed the challenges of Alter Ego and have managed to gather all the hidden letters to form "Fortnite", luckily here we have everything you need on how complete the secret challenges of the Sorana Skin.

The first thing you need to know before telling you how to complete secret Sorana skin challenges is that this mask comes without any additional style, which means that those who want additional styles or items will have to explore the map and get them.

In addition, while searching you can also find the legendary bling and beak that go with the skin, back bling is called "Ready Ruck", and the beak is called "Party Crashers". The location of these is in the Chaos Rising loading screen of the diving challenges.

How to completthee secret Sorana skin challenges in Fortnite?

To get to the skin you will have to follow the coordinates: G7 / G8-H7 / H8 which will take you to the North of Steamy Stacks where Back Bling is next to a rock. You can only find the back bling using Sorana's skin.

To find the peak of Sorana you will have to go to the following coordinates: G1 / G2-H1 / H2 that will take you to the top of the snowy mountain south of Retail Row where the peak is.

How to unlock secret styles for Sorana skin in Fortnite?

This mask has two different secret styles, one is gray and the other green. To unlock them it will be necessary to interact with a bale of hay and a garbage container that you can find on the loading screen of "Chaos Rising", simply jump over the objects and they will be easily unlocked. To find them you will have to go to Frenzy Farm or east of Dirty Docks.

Remember that in order to obtain the skin, Sorana will need to have found all the letters of the hidden word. So if you are still missing a letter, you can check our guides corresponding to that search to find them quickly.

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