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Fortnite guide: John Wick Skin and Back Bling

2019-05-16 14:14:46

The premiere for John Wick's upcoming film is only hours away, his crossover at Fortnite will also come into play. As if that were not enough, the recent leaks regarding the John Wick-Fortnite event have revealed that John Wick's Skins will be included in two presentations. In addition to this, it would also include the Back Bling.

Recently a set of dataminers leaked a set of images and revelations in the network with which they assure that it's the next crossover event of John Wick in Fortnite, because the new movie is close to being released in Europe and the United States.

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John Wick Skin at Fortnite

In the filtered images, Skins are shown to play as John Wick, in two presentations. In one you appear as John Wick impeccable, while in its "Damaged" version you're presented with the damaged suit and blood stains on the face.

The full-body John Wick Skin is shown in the filtered images. In them you can see a good detail in terms of the appearance of the character.

The Back Bling of John Wick Skin in Fortnite

On the other hand, in the images that refer to the Back Bling, it's a "Gold Token". These coins are a clear allusion to those that appear in the movies, which are characteristic for their engraving of letters in Latin and a lion.

Confirmation is still awaited for John Wick's special crossover event at Fortnite. On the other hand it is expected to see how good it's going to be, given that just as it happened with the last crossover event with the Endgame Avengers, it's said that it will also include some TLM.

John Wick 3: Parabellum will premiere on May 17 in the United States and Europe.