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Fortnite Fortnitemares: Where To Find Shadow Midas

2020-10-22 23:34:34

Guide to learn where to find the Midas shade in Fortnite Fortnitemares

  Epic Games brought back the Midas Shadow (but with slight changes) for the Halloween special edition this season, so it's no wonder they added a challenge related to it. The event runs until November 2, so you have little time to complete the special Halloween challenges.

This time we will focus on the aforementioned shadow of Midas that is also found as a mission is to get this mythical special weapon. so in this guide we will tell you how to get it and complete the mission.

Where to find the Midas shadow in Fortnite Fortnitemares?

The first thing you should do is go to the ruins, which is where you will see Shadow Midas. Keep in mind that Shadow Midas is not alone, there will be minions that will block your way to reach him. So, prepare in advance and get a lot of loot.

The man you are looking for will be present on a different floor at different matches. If you go to the ceiling, you will see a levitating chair (Midas' golden chair) in the middle of a circle made of candles.

Now you must reach the ruins and defeat other players and the shadow zombies. Then you must find Midas, kill him and take this weapon from him.

Season 3 players didn't think much of the Drum Gun when it was available, but for Season 4, it's a pretty valuable weapon. Due to its rate of fire and greater range and damage, it can be a good weapon as long as you know how to take advantage of it.

 Now that you know where to find the Midas shadow in Fortnite Fortnitemares you can get this incredible weapon in addition to completing the special mission that they added to this Halloween edition. Luck!

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Epic Games
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