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Fortnite Fortbyte 95 Location: The solar array in the jungle

2019-06-10 19:58:46

The Fortnite Fortbyte are a series of chips that must be obtained in fortnite given that there are different places on the island. For some it is necessary to do different things, like dressing a skin, for example. Other Fortnite Fortbyte can be located in such crazy places as in solar panels, this is the case for the Fornite Fortbyte 95. Since the Fortnite map is considerably large, it can be a bit tedious to get these Fortbyte. However, in this guide we will facilitate the search given that the information you need to know will be provided to locate Fortyte 95 Fornite.

Fortnite Fortbyte #95 Location - Found At A Solar Array In The Jungle

Fortnite Fortbyte

When you are looking for the Fortnite Fortbyte, many times not only do you need to know the location, but you must also use certain specific activities, including the use of skins when you go to collect these chips. Unlike the Fortnite Fortyte 61, for which it was necessary to use the Sunbird Spray, this does not happen with the Fornite Fortbyte 95, since it is a "simple" chip so adding it to your collection is quite simple, so it only goes to require that the location of Fornite Fortbyte be known as we will say below.

Location Fortnite Fortbyte 95: how to get the Fortbyte 95

When you are waiting for your game to start, it is only necessary to open your map and direct your view to the upper right corner. If you focus well, you will realize that just to the east of the thermal pools it will be possible to see a small group of solar panels. It is only necessary to mark this on the map, since that is where you should go.

When moving, falling at the point, it is necessary to make sure to land in front of the solar panel. In this sense it is necessary to make sure you are in the right place as the solar panel goes up all the way and easily Fortnite Fortbyte could be behind you.

You will know that you fell in the right place because it will be possible to see the Fortnite Fortyte 95 right at the foot of the solar panel. When you see it, it will only be necessary to pick it up.

And that's all you have to do to get the Fornite Fortbyte 95 and add it to the Battle Pass of Fortnite Season 9. This search can keep you moving for several days, but we recommend that you keep an eye on our updates, as we are daily doing. Go for that chip.

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