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Fortnite Fortbyte 7: Use the The Cuddle Up emoticon inside a rocky umbrella

2019-05-21 13:28:23

Since the beginning of Fortnite Season 9, the Fortbyte have been appearing everywhere. Loss Fortbyte are fragments of image, fragments that form a general image which presumably would reveal an important secret of the Fortnite Season 9.

The last Fortbyte that has come out and is available to unlock is the Fortbyte 7. It can be accessed using the Cuddle Up emoticon inside a rocky umbrella.

FORTBYTE #07 Accessible By Using the Cuddle Up Emoticon inside a Rocky Umbrella Location Fortnite

Access to Fortbyte 7 is using the Cuddle Up emoticon

This is not all we have for you with respect to Fortbyte 7, no, we also have the exact location of Cuddle Up and obviously the location of Fortbyte 7 as well, so do not worry.

As we said, the only way available to access Fortbyte 7 is using the Cuddle Up emoticon which in turn is unlocked in level 8 of Battle Pass, if you are not even close to that level, completing challenges will be the best option to be able to climb.

After you've unlocked Cuddle Up you will have to find the location of the rock umbrella.

You'll have to go to a rocky path that leads underground, located near The Block, you'll see the umbrella flying way to The Block.

When you are there, move towards the road and you'll see Fortnyte Fortbyte 7 sitting on a wooden ledge.

Break a rock or two and build a ramp to get closer, once you're close, use the Cuddle Up smiley and Fortbyte 7 will unlock.