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Fortnite Fortbyte 65 Location: the basement budget movie set

2019-06-11 14:17:59

Do you already know the location of Fortyte Fortnite 65? We assume you do not know, but we do know. So we have prepared a guide for you with the location of Fortnite Fortyte 65, which is not for nothing, but it is counted in the basement budget movie set.

As we mentioned before, Fortnyte's Fortyte 65 location is the basement budget movie set.

But there is a complication. The map of Fortnite is quite broad and finding the location of Fortbyte 65 in Fortnite can be a bit tricky, more specifically finding the location of the basement budget movie set.

Fortnite Fortbyte #65 Location - Found in a Basement Budget Movie Set

For the previous Fortbytes we have had to come with certain emotes, masks or even sprays. And obviously finding the location of Fortnyte Fortyite 65 could not be rosy.the basement budget movie set where you hide.

You could just forget it and just say nothing happened here. But we would not think that way in your place, keep in mind that you need the Fortbyte 65 and all Fortnyte Fortnite for the Battle Pass of the ninth season and the rewards it provides.

But good to the point and directly.

How to find the location of Fortbyte 65 in Fortnite, the basement budget movie set.

at Fortnite, take out your map and place Shifty Shafts in the center of
the map, a little to the southwest, there you will find it.

houses you'll want to leave next to are just outside the city; You can
see them on the map if you look at the upper left just outside the city.
You'll have to go there, walk across the floor while you step on the basement budget movie set and you'll have found Fortnite's
Fortnite 65 location.

Right in front of you when you fall you will see the fortbyte Fortyte 65.

you know, the Fortbytes are fragments of images that appear daily
anywhere on the Fortnite map, in this case, in the basement budget movie set. These fragments will reveal a secret of the current
season to get all the fragments together, so we will keep you informed
so you can find the next ones.

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