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Fortnite Fortbyte 31: The meteor crater overlook location

2019-05-28 20:10:23

Since the beginning of the current season we've known the Fortbytes, which are fragments of unlockable images that appear every day and together they would reveal a secret of the season.

The Fortbytes, as we already mentioned, appear every day, a daily one, they can appear anywhere on the map, even some Fortytes require a special backup or different gestures to unlock.

We're already in the Fortbyte 31 Fortnite, and this may be one of the easiest to get of all. The location of Fortbyte 31 is the meteorite crater. If something could take us a little more time to realize is to find the location of the meteorite crater, but here we tell you everything.

Fortnite Fortbyte #31 Location - Found at a Meteor Crater overlook

Location of the meteorite crater.

As we said Fortbyte 31 is in the crater of a meteorite. The fact is that there are two places, which were affected by the meteorite.

The place we're interested in is Dusty divot, which was very popular because it was erased by the impact of a meteorite during season 4 of Fortnite and its name "Dusty divot", it's precisely because of that, the huge crater that left the impact.

Once there, head to Dusty Diner, which is on the edge of Dusty Divot, behind the restaurant there are two warehouses, one of which is complete while the other has been broken in half.

Enter the warehouse that is broken and you can find Fortbyte 31.

In addition to the commotion caused by the Fortbyte 31, the rush caused by the rumors related to a new event of the polar peak have become agitated today after a mysterious eye appeared on the side of the polar mountain Peak.

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