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Fortnite: Data and more about the Overtime challenges

2019-02-25 21:01:52

Overtime challenges consist of a set of additional missions that come out when a season of Fortnite is about to end and are intended to help players complete their battle passes of Season 7 of the game.

The launch along with the v7.40 patch was last February 14, Valentine's Day, including 20 challenges that offer additional XP in addition to other rewards, but something very important that we can get is the Battle Pass for Season 8 completely free.

If you manage to complete at least 13 of the 16 challenges, you will be guaranteeing the battle pass for the new season, as soon as it officially launches later this month, just after the Share the Love event ends on February 27 and with the The overtime challenges end, however, some of these challenges will be unlocked a few days later.

If you want to get coins in the Creative Islands, enter Fortnite Creative and the main server, once there, you will have to collect 15 currencies hidden in any of the 4 islands, but keep in mind that each island only has 10 coins in total, so keep looking at the others until you complete the 15 coins.

If you want to do a lot of damage to the enemy, we recommend you use the following weapons:

- Assault Rifle.
- Suppressed Assault Rifle.
- Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle.
- Heavy Assault Rifle.
- Scoped Assault Rifle.
- Pistol.
- Hand Cannon.
- Suppressed Pistol.
- Dual Pistols.
- Scoped Revolver.

 Search boxes or boxes of ammunition in a motel or in an RV park.

When you're at the motel in the northern part of the map or in the trailer park northeast of Retail Row, you'll have to open seven chests or boxes of ammunition and place the top 15 in duos.

If you want to be part of one of the last 15 teams in Duos, you must associate with a friend from your friends list, send friend requests to the companions and get the companion that best complements you.

The open fires can now be used to cure, however, you must take into account that use it when you need it, because in full health it will not work.

While you enjoy ten games, follow all those places where you land and do not repeat any location. Such as:

- Junk Junction.
- Haunted Hills.
- Pleasant Park.
- Snobby Shores.
- Tilted Towers.
- Shifty Shafts.
- Dusty Divot.
- Salty Springs.
- Fatal Fields.
- Wailing Woods.
- Lonely Lodge.
- Retail Row.
- Lucky Landing.
- The Block.
- Lazy Links.
- Paradise Palms.
- Tomato Temple.
- Loot Lake.
- Polar Peak.
- Frosty Flights.
- Happy Hamlet.

We also recommend finding and opening the Supply Drop in two different parts, you will know when they fall from the sky when you hear a notification sound that warns you when it happens, this will help to revive a fallen companion.

But if you want to go directly for it, shoot while it is falling, we also recommend building around it while you are emptying it, you never know when the enemy may be on the line to want to unsubscribe and take advantage, they almost always use the strategy of leaving you the job of shooting the falls and opening them and then killing you to steal the loot.

Also if you revive a teammate in 3 different games, it will help you not to be alone while looking for supply drops.

Keep in mind that in the LTM of bigger teams you can also revive your teammates.

Also now you will have reasons to visit 7 cascades of strengths as long as they are different and we do not necessarily have to visit them all in the same game.

In Loot Lake there are 3 waterfalls which each one will count separately, on the south side of the lake there is another waterfall that empties into the river.

Another challenge is to damage enemies with shotguns or SMG, among them you can use: Tactical Shotgun Bomb and Compact Shotgun SMG Submachine.

Search for ammunition boxes in The Block, which is an area that is in the upper right corner of the map, there you can see the islands created by the Fortnite Creative user in Battle Royale.

You must be one of the last 10 teams that are part of the squads, so you will need the help of a friend again.

You will have to play Driftin games with a friend, again we recommend you if you do not have any friends available, send petitions to some other players with whom you have formed a team. It does not matter if you win or you get to eliminations, you just have to play games.

You must get 7 chests or boxes of ammunition on a race track that is north of the desert biome, or in the dance club in snow-covered city east of Happy Hamlet, this is in a building located north of the city .

It may seem strange, but one of the challenges is to thank the driver of the battle bus before starting the game, just while you are on the way, you will have to do it 7 times, but in different games.

In another mission you must overcome 75 opponents in the same game and get to be one of the 25 players standing. We recommend you land in the limits of the map away from the path of the battle bus, avoid places like The Block where they are probably enemies in the same task as you, be cautious and go to the circle to improve your chances.