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Fortnite Complete a Lap of a Desert Race Track - Stage 1 location, Rewards

2019-06-06 16:19:21

Fortnite Week 5 Season 9 has arrived bringing a race track as a challenge. To complete this challenge you must find where the race track is located, whether for desert, snow or grassland areas, since the challenge is divided into three stages. However, this may not be so simple or probably requires a lot of time. To save all this time, in this guide we will present information for the desert race tracks that includes one of the three stages that make up the challenge.

Complete a lap of a Desert, Snowy + Grasslands Race Track - Fortnite

Fortnite Challenge: complete a round of a desert race track - Stage 1 location

If you are in Fortnite Season 9 and wish to overcome the challenge corresponding to week 5 based on a race track located in the desert, you need to know that the challenge is divided into three stages and that you must overcome all three to complete it. The stages that comprise the challenge are:

  • Stage 1: Complete a round of a desert racetrack
  • Stage 2: Complete one lap of a snowy racetrack
  • Stage 3: Complete a turn of a grassland race track

As far as the location for the race track in the stage 1 stage is concerned, you should know that it is located between Paradise Palms, just northeast and south of Lonely Lodge, right near where it limits the area of ​​sand and the forest area, near the edge of the map. Go to this place and you will be able to find this track.

Complete the Fornite challenge to take a ride on a desert racetrack

Once the track has been achieved, the stage is almost completed. Being on the track, you just need to wait for a timer to appear where you are going to count down. Just when the green light is shown, it is only necessary to complete a return to the track and this will mark that stage of the challenge. By doing this in all three stages, the challenge will be completed.

Rewards for completing the challenge of taking a spin on race tracks in Fornite

By completing all the stages of the challenge and thereby end up overcoming the challenge in full. However, for each stage you will get a separate reward:

  • Upon completing stage 1 of this challenge, it will be possible to win a battle star.
  • Once you complete stage 2, you will be rewarded with two batlla stars.
  • Complete stage 3 will reward you with two stars of battles.

This means that the total reward for overcoming the entire challenge is five stars of battles. From this article you already have the location for stage 1 so go for that star.

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