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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-12-15 15:04:48

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Guide to learn How to plant the evidence in catty corner of flush at Fortnite

 Fortnite is currently in Episode 2 of Season 5 so new content abounds on the platform. The season began with a substantial crossover with The Mandalorian and he has plans for several other collaborations in the future. As usual, each season has a series of new daily challenges to face, one of which involves planting evidence in one of the two locations on the map and one of them is How to plant the evidence in catty corner of flush .

Generally speaking, in recent seasons Epic Games has focused on diversifying the activities in the game to improve the experience to the maximum and this also includes the variety of accessories and skins available for the same and an example of this is the 40 masks that you can acquire throughout the game.

Anyway, with this clarified, we can proceed to explain how to plant the evidence below.

How to plant the evidence in catty corner of flush in Fortnite?

Flush Factory can be a bit tricky to find the right place. Sometimes players are retrieving evidence at Misty Meadows, sometimes they are planting evidence. These missions have players working on both angles.
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In Catty Corner, there are three locations that players must find to plant the evidence and complete the challenge.

The first location is on the east side of the gas station at Catty Corner, past the pumps, tucked away next to the convenience store portion of the station.

If players prefer to plant trials in the Flush Factory, here are the three locations to complete the challenge.

In the larger of the two factory buildings, if players enter the factory reception area through the main door, the evidence marker is in front of the reception desk.

Missions are easy ways to gain some experience, so if you want to level up this action is perfect.

 Now that you know how to plant the evidence in catty corner of flush in Fortnite, you will be able to complete this challenge in addition to earning XP points and the battle passes that players need so much. Luck!

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