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The challenges continue in Fortnite and this allows us to talk to you about How to get the Neymar Jr Skin, let's see.

What is Neymar Jr's Skin in Fortnite?

  This is an interesting style that we are allowed to achieve in this game, because the idea is to have a style and mechanism that simulate the player in real life, in this sense, knowing how to obtain the Neymar Jr Skin leads us to focus on getting an implement that can fit as best as possible in this wide world of challenges, as this gives it an interesting turn for which it is necessary to adapt to favorable changes.
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    How to get the Neymar Jr Skin in Fortnite?

    This is a task that leads us to consider:


    •  Have the Season 6 Battle Pass.
    • Complete the Neymar Jr Mission Challenge starting April 27.
    • It is necessary to converse with characters on the island to carry out the missions and to complete the amount of 5.
    • The v16.30 update allows us to have the information of the respective missions to be executed.


     These are the missions to work to get the look of Neymar Jr:


    •  Complete 3 missions of soccer players on the Island A good player always helps his teammates, which allows us to get the Matador loading screen with a Neymar Jr. theme.
    • Talk to a soccer player from the Island Soccer-loving characters on the island, where we got the soccer ball excitement toy and Neymar Jr. banner.
    • We must throw the soccer ball toy 500 meters as Neymar Jr's meters in the game in order to get the Joia Bling Trophy from the back.
    • Complete the number of 5 missions of Soccer Island Players and become an ace in order to get the suit of Neymar Jr.
    • Score a goal with the play ball like Neymar Jr and choose to do it while we sleep in order to get the Jaguar Slam Pick.
    • Eliminate the amount of and adversaries like Neymar Jr, this in order to free the self that we carry inside, with this we get a built-in emote for Neymar Jr.

     We can end this guide on How to obtain the Neymar Jr Skin, in this way you have the possibility of getting this style in Fortnite.

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