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Fortnite Chapter 2 Island Codes: the best Creative maps

2019-10-22 14:43:29

If you still don't know the Island Codes in Fortnite, don't worry about anything, because in this guide you will find everything.

 What are the Island Codes of Fortnite.

This is a new feature added to the creative mode as part of update 7.01, the feature will allow users to share their creations and maps with other users using a 12-digit code better known as Island Codes.

This is a very interesting addition especially for those users in Fortnite who like to be creative and invest time in their creations and mini-games in Fortnite, in addition to that it will be very useful to have a quiet game with your friends without risking To die.

Although at the moment the feature is not available to everyone, it is only available for a few users of Fornite Support a Creator for now while testing and finishing details. Despite this, you can access the maps of some of the best creators. So we have prepared a list with all these maps for you.

What are the Island Codes of Fortnite.

Then we place the Island Codes and accompany them with what you can find on this map.

  • 4264-02210-9408 - Merls Battle Arena
  • 6352-8048-2222 - Snipers Vs Runners, ingenious mini game
  • 5618-2963-5299 - Deformation course (advanced), perfect for training
  • 9587-6651-4676 - Halo Lock, recreation of the popular Halo map
  • 4203-6925-0108 - Shipping COD 4, ideal for a frantic FFA
  • 5542-7687-4547 - Risky Runways, a multiplayer map full of traps
  • 2012-6281-8095 - Nuketown Reimagined, classic COD map
  • 6224-0839-9043 - Explorer, parkour map
  • 1090-0783-2499 - Looming Lama, elaborated multiplayer map
  • 0246-3501-9703 - Eerie Estates, ideal for hiding
  • 0213-4672-2099 - Janky Jail, fun multiplayer map
  • 0940-9970-7913 - CizzorzDeathRun Challenge, parkour challenge
  • 3624-9134-2626 - MW2 Rust, classic COD map
  • 8641-0487-1161 - Grimy Greens, a dark mystery lies beneath the grass
  • 5253-4025-7629 - Dust II of CS: GO
  • 8335-1484-3001 - Map of LazarbeamYT
  • 2092-4164-5943 - The CallMeCypher FFA snipers
  • 4815-1697-8741 - Factory of remixes too large
  • 0632-6317-2480 - Tinker’s Toystore
  • 7693-3640-8910 - Mystery Market
  • 5916-2410-1250 - Powerful Mountain
  • 1512-9091-3630 - Mahal Museum
  • 8792-1332-7866 - Death to rebound pad
  • 2434-7674-6447 - Map of YU7A.

According to the developers the best site to find codes once the feature is officially available is on Reddit, YouTube and Twitch.

How to use Island Codes in Fortnite.

The first thing you have to do is write down the code you want to open, then open the Creative Hub and look for one of the standard cracks portals and stop before reaching the portal, just when you see the option to "Set the island code "and press and hold the E key to enter the code.

The codes you enter will be saved as favorites for a while so you can enter again quickly if you want.

Then confirm that it is the correct code, touch where it says "Select Island" to close the box and change the cracks portal to take it to a new map.

  Now that you know what is necessary about Island Codes in Fortnite, we hope you are more than ready to use them in the best way once they are completely open. We recommend reviewing our other guides if you want to keep up to date on your favorite games and other current topics.

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