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Fortnite Chapter 2: How to get Brainiac Skin

2019-10-22 19:01:07

We are here to help you with the explanation we need to know about How to get the Brainiac Skin in Fortnite.

 Once the last update of the game has arrived, we find that it brought us a variant of the Brainiac Skin, with it also brings apparently a new style to accompany Fortnite, this mask is a complement that we expect many players, so we must know more details about this fact, how to get it, as seen and for that we go forward with this guide.

What should we know about the Brainiac Skin in Fortnite?

    We will notice in the image above that this mask has a macabre appearance, we are going to have it in Fortnite at any time, has a green tone that is different from the original, with pink hair, an additional dog tag and a few more details, thanks to the design could say that even extracted from in comic, has ordered lines, has as many variants as we can notice and this makes only know how we are going to get it.

How to obtain the Brainiac Skin in Fortnite?

This mask must be as everything indicates a thematic aspect of Halloween, it is unfortunate that at this time we do not have an option to get it, but it is very likely that the safest way that we are going to have to obtain it is by buying it in the store of articles, it is certain that from one moment to another we will find it available there, arriving Halloween in coming days means that we must be attentive those days, constantly reviewing the store of articles until it appears, it is true that previously many masks we have obtained to complete the challenges but it is certain that for this opportunity will not be the same.

   We finished with the guide, we hope it will be of great help this that was explained and can clarify the doubts that had from How to get the Brainiac Skin in Fortnite, until the next opportunity.  

PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Survival, battle royale, sandbox
Epic Games
Epic Games
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
July 25, 2017
Co-op, multiplayer
age rating:

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