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Fortnite Chapter 2: How to Earn XP and Level Up

2019-10-16 10:08:00

 We hope you are as ready as we are, because in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know for Earn XP and Level Up in Fortnite.

How does the new Fortnite leveling system work?

The arrival of chapter 2 and with it of the new season 1 of the game has brought with it a lot of new things, among them is the new progression system where one of your most important tasks for not giving it all the importance will be to get XP. This will be necessary if you want to level up your Battle Pass, leaving behind the Battle Stars system.

We set to work and prepared a complete guide with everything you need to know to win XP and level up in the world's most famous Battle Royale.

How Earn XP and Level Up in Fortnite?

As already mentioned the Battle Stars system has been left in the past, now with XP points it will be a little easier to level up the Battle Pass and we have collected several ways to get points and level up and then we leave you everything.

How Earn XP and Level Up winning Fortnite medals?

Getting medals is not exactly something very complicated, you can get by doing almost anything in the game such as the medal for getting four eliminations in a game, medal for surviving the final 25 players and the final 10 players in a game, medal for getting a death, looking for coffers. There are medals for doing almost anything so this is a pretty simple method.

Each medal will allow you to get a small amount of XP, but this is not the only method you can use.

How do Earn XP and Level Up with punch card medals in Fortnite?

To fill the medal card you will have to win medals, so this form goes hand in hand with the previous one. There are a total of 10 slot machines a day, and every medal you win will earn you 2,000 XP points.

The fifth and tenth medal that you get gives you 4,000 XP points that counted with the points of the 8 remaining medals make a very good amount of points that is worth a lot of ore get.

How Earn XP and Level Up with Fortnite missions?

Naturally this is perhaps the most obvious way to get XP points. Please note that for each completed challenge you will receive 14,000 XP points.

Here the key is to do anything, because anything generates points, from opening a chest to hitting a shot to the head. Here are some of the things that give you XP just by doing them.

  • 25 XP, for hitting a shot to the head.
  • 20 XP, for hitting an opponent.
  • 2,000 XP, for finding a location with a name.
  • 2,000 XP for finding a landmark.
  • 40 XP, for improving your Weapon, as well as receiving bonus if you are the first to do so.
  • 35 XP, for the fishing place used.
  • 65 XP, for looking for a box of ammunition.
  • 280 XP, for getting a battle medal.
  • 250 XP, for getting a Scavenger Medal.
  • 40 XP, for becoming an Explosives Specialist.
  • 40 XP, for becoming an SMG Specialist.
  • 105 XP, for Early Bird.
  • 85 XP, for each opponent eliminated.
  • 50 XP, for New Circle of Storms.
  • 40 XP for becoming a Sniper Specialist.
  • 85 XP, for achieving double elimination.
  • 70 XP, for looking for a chest looked for a chest.

So ends our guide on how Earn XP and Level Up in Fortnite, we hope it has been very useful for your progress in the game and that you manage to raise the level of your Battle Pass quickly.

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