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Fortnite Chapter 2: How to carry enemies

2019-10-16 12:43:52

 In this opportunity we bring you a guide where you will learn to carry enemies in Fortnite.

The universe of Fortnite is quite wide, and chapter 2 of season 11 shows us more elements, because not only are there ships that can be transported on land, but it brings with it a different feature, because it presents us the ability to transportaliados, but as if this were not enough we can carry enemies, which makes a mechanical quite novel, so let's see how this is done.

A detail that we must have clear before carry enemies is undoubtedly to do everything possible to deny that the opponent's companions revived in an easy way and a companion who has fallen, for this what we need to do is simply pick up the fallen man and take him out of reach before we can get rid of him, because in a video of Twitch streamer Myth has been highlighted in the subreddit r FortniteBR some images showing a shooting, and how to transport the enemies in this game.

How do I carry enemies in Fortnite?

 It's important to note that it's not really clear what Epic Games' intention was when incorporating the detail of loading enemies, but let's try to enjoy it as much as possible, as this is part of the Fortnite world and it's good to explore it.

 The way to power carry enemies in season 11 of Fortnite is quite simple, since it is given in the same way that we use to pick one of our allies, when we do this operation we can relocate the opponent in a somewhat safer place, with two purposes either to cause a final blow or simply to throw it from a higher place, the decision is ours.

 It is good to know that the BM power is practically unlimited, since when they have spent just a few minutes playing, we have the opportunity dever that the loser is thrown to the nearest structure, a serious option to throw him to some cliff and that this one dies in the fall, but the other option is to transport him and to see him die from another place where we wish it.

In conclusion carry enemies in chapter 2 of season 11 of Fortnite is usually quite simple, and we can enjoy it the best way we can. Try it.

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