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Fortnite's revenue dropped almost 50% in January

2019-02-26 20:20:15

According to the data of the SuperData analysis firm, the popular third-person multiplayer shooter game, Fortnite, has had a very significant drop in its income last January, since 48% has been the decrease that the game had in the entrance of money, which is really difficult to ignore, more now that he is in the battle with Apex Legends for being the most popular Battle Royale.

These figures are considerable because December was a peak month for the famous game Fortnite, during its peak and Christmas shopping the Blattle Royale game of Epic Games no doubt reached high levels, as the report indicates.

This drop in revenue may sound quite alarming to Fortnite, however, considering the special sales model that it has and other factors, it is appropriate not to give a definitive conclusion at the moment and say that the end of the game is near.

The free game model that has the Epic game, where there are no recurring subscription fees and that the digital products offered by the game are not very important, as the skins of characters who do not attribute more than just a cosmetic addition or the dance animations. It is understandable that the game does not reach such high income levels as other traditional games.

It should be noted that for Fortnite this fall of 48% of revenues does not mean that the game has fewer users, but that they prefer not to spend so much money on purchases that, as they said, end up being simply cosmetic additions and that do not generate competitive benefits for them. players.

Another reason that can be attributed to this fall is that in December was the launch of season 7 of the game, which coincided with the festive dates and generated great income by the many benefits offered by Fortnite for its eager users and the mass purchase of the battle pass.

"The substantial decreases in the subsequent month after a new season are not new; Fortnite revenues on iOS decreased by 33 percent between October and November 2018 according to our estimates, from $ 56 million to $ 36.6 million ... In summary, these peaks and valleys are common when watching games based on the monetization of Season passes on a show like Fortnite, "said Randy Nelson, head of mobile information at Sensor Tower to TechCrunch.

Therefore, this low income is normal and as the new season 8 of Fortnite will soon arrive, the Epic game is expected to recover a bit with the new digital products that will be added to the game.