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Fortnite allows players to shoot through the Lazy Lagoon boat thanks to a flaw

2019-03-13 21:32:17

An error in Fortnite allows players to shoot through the Lazy Lagoon boat.

The little hideaway in a lagoon, Lazy Lagoon, which is one of the new Fortnite locations of Season 8, is presenting a blunder.

Fortnite - Season 8 Trailer | PS4

In a micro shared by Reddit shows how players entering the boat can go through one of the walls of the same. It shows how a player who is sheltering on the lower deck of the boat can climb the ramp and have a full view of the upper deck, which immediately becomes bad for any player who is not attentive.

While Fortnite and in general videogames have certain roquitas in their path that create some flaws, being able to shoot through objects is certainly a big mistake in Fortnite.

You have to be aware if with the new patch introduced only a few hours ago the error in Fortnite that this location has been solved.

In Reddit, where the users made the error known, they shared their experience when they met him, even one of them shared that he had managed to win the game thanks to him saying: "I did this and I arrived at my first attempt", said the user Cali_6006. "I was very lucky, the circle literally closed around the lagoon, I got 17 deaths with a good bomb, they all went through the problem.