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Fortnite All Fortbyte Challenges and Rewards

2019-05-23 20:53:14

Find out what all the challenges and rewards of Fortbyte at Fortnite are.

In Fortnite season 9 there are 18 total Fortbytes. These are distributed around the Battle Royale map and recently the company Epic Games revealed that new Fortbytes will be added for you to find.

Below we'll show you the full list of Fortbyte available in Fortnite.

Fortbyte 1: I opted to win 175,000 XP.
Fortbyte 6: Accessible with Yay! Emote in an ice cream parlor in the desert.
Fortbyte 7: Accessible using the Cuddle Up Emoticon inside a rocky umbrella.
Fortbyte 8: Found inside Junk Junction.
Fortbyte 10: I opted to win 60,000 XP.
Fortbyte 13: You get it in a hidden location on the loading screen 2.
Fortbyte 17: Found inside a wooden fish building.
Fortbyte 22: Accessible by using a Rox Spray in an underpass.
Fortbyte 24: It is located within the fatal fields.
Fortbyte 25: Awarded at the level of battle pass 40.
Fortbyte 35: Granted for winning 225,000 XP.
Fortbyte 36: Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island.
Fortbyte 39: It is awarded for completing 6 challenges of week 2.
Fortbyte 44: Awarded at level 20 of Battle Pass.
Fortbyte 46: You get it at the level of battle pass 100.
Fortyte 47: Find it between a Reboot Van, a pirate camp and an injured battle bus.
Fortbyte 55: It is located within Haunted Hills.
Fortbyte 57: You get it by finishing the top 10 in Squads, Duos or Solo, 25 times.
Fortbyte 64: Accessible with the Rox suit on top of Stunt Mountain.
Fortbyte 66: Granted at the end of the top 10 squads, duos or solo, 75 times.
Fortyte 71: He gets it by completing 6 challenges of week 1.
Fortyte 72: Found within Salty Springs.
Fortbyte 81: It is accessible during the day near a wedge of cactus on the top of the mountain.
Fortbyte 82: Accessible by solving the puzzle of the pressure plate NW of The Block.
Fortyte 84: Granted at the level of battle pass 60.
Fortyte 85: You get it for winning 30,000 XP.
Fortyte 87: He gets it by finishing the top 10 in Squads, Duos or Solo, 50 times.
Fortbyte 90: It is awarded for finishing the top 10 in Squads, Duos or Solo, 100 times.
Fortbyte 92: Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a lava waterfall.
Fortbyte 96: Awarded at the level of battle pass 80.
Fortbyte 99: Granted for winning 125,000 XP.

What should the Fortbytes consist of?

They're a type of collection that you'll only have the chance to win by completing a challenge associated with each one, as you could notice in their respective descriptions. When you get a fortbyte, part of an image is revealed. If you manage to complete the 100 Fortbyte challenges you can reveal the complete image and win a special reward.

So I encourage you to complete all the challenges to get the special reward! We remind you that you can enjoy Fortnite content on any of these platforms: Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.


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