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Fornite: Where to dance inside a holographic tomato head

2019-05-30 17:59:23

It is a new week for Fortnite and this in turn means that there are also new challenges to overcome in this season 9. For this week we have a large list filled with the challenges that must be completed. Among them is a challenge in which you must dance in a holographic tomato head. However, this challenge has certain details that can complicate it, but this guide will mention some information that should be known as one of the locations where you can get a holographic tomato head.

Dance inside a holographic Tomato, Durrr Burger + Dumpling Head - Fortnite Season 9 Week 4 Challenge

Fortnite Challenge: dancing in a holographic tomato head

The challenge of dancing in a holographic tomato head at Fortnite is divided into three parts. In each part you must dance in a holographic tomato head. In one part you have to go to the Mega Mall, in another you get to Durrr Burger and in the third part you have to go to the dumpling head.

The challenge will be completed once the three stages have been passed, that is, once you manage to dance in a holographic tomato head to each place.

Locations where to dance in a holographic tomato head in Fortnite

One of the places players should go is the Mega Mall. This area is southwest of Lonely Lodge and is the area that replaced Retail Row to be destroyed season 8, past. Given that this is a very popular area for landings, it is very likely that it will be a little difficult to get there to overcome this stage of the challenge since it will be necessary to face many players before being able to dance in the holographic tomato head.

Another place that you must reach to overcome a second stage that makes up this challenge is the Durr Burger. For this you must go to the Neo Tilted area, which is located a bit south of Loot Lake. Come to this area and in the Durr Burger is the tomato holographic head.

The third location to reach to overcome a third stage of the challenge is Lucky Landing. This area is located south of Fatal Fields, a little southwest of the Mega Mall, very close to the edge of the map. In Lucky Landing there is a giant dumpling head, where the holographic tomato head is located.

Remember that it is necessary to complete all three stages in order to overcome the whole challenge. That is to say that it is necessary to dance in the tomato holographic head found in these three zones so that the Fortnite challenge is complete.

Now that you know the locations, go to them and start dancing to overcome this challenge. Do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they also have help.

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