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Fornite: Pirates ?! Details of the 8 season!

2019-02-26 21:59:45

The end is over, we closed a season full of happiness where Christmas invaded the entire scene of Fornite, Epic Games will bring us this season 8 in Fornite just this week, as a tradition, details of what is coming, although it is not much He has made it clear to us that Epic Games aims for Fornite. Social networks Fornite have been its strong point and it is not something to ignore for this season 8 because directly from the official website of Fornite critical messages about the setting and the next publication date of the next review of the famous Battle Royale "Fornite".

The following theme that we will have and for which Fornite will bet in this next season would be the "Pirates" due to a great promotional art, or practically what they have shown us of this publication the colors of the theme are represented, where an intense red it is colored by the same and the same fire.

We had seen in recent days something strangely curious that appeared throughout the map of Fornite, cracks that hinted that the theme was going to be islands or something like that where the happy volcanoes were noted. Something to highlight for Fornite in recent months was the exit of the skin of "Prisoner", this could help us understand almost without doubts of what we have prepared the staff of Fornite and what is in sight.

To highlight this famous battle pass would be the typical where you had to make a monetary investment to get through challenges and other famous skins by which they characterize Fornite, but. Yes, what has made this battle pass famous in Fornite would be that it will come completely free, yes, free and without paying anything, the only thing that is needed for this is to complete at least 13 Fornite extra time challenges. The date for this battle pass is already set and Fornite as always will bring surprises, we just have to wait for this next Thursday, February 28.