2020-11-17 07:23:41

With our Football Manager 2021 guide you will learn more about How to install a faceplate.

What to know about Football Manager 2021?

It is a soccer simulation game, only it is not something that or represents perfectly, considering the fact that the players, managers, staff and more do not have faces for reasons related to the license, now If this becomes something annoying, it is possible that we can know how to install a cover, which will allow us to add some faces to the game, having the possibility only in Steam and Epic Games, therefore we follow the following details.

How to install a faceplate on Football Manager 2021?

On the internet we will find the first thing we need, it is a facepack, the fan websites can be of great support in this, after we locate it we are just going to download it, possibly it is a rar, which will lead us to have the winrar, from the Windows exploration we can do it, after this we will copy or cut the facepack folder, we go to the browser documents to locate the Sports Interactive folder, we enter it and then we must enter the game folder, certainly if we do not see it, the execution of the game is necessary, since in this way when doing it for the first time it will be created.
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