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Football Manager 2020: How to Manage Your Club

2019-11-22 15:50:26

If you want to go far in Football Manager 2020 then you need to know how to manage your club in the most efficient way and that is what we have here.

What is Football Manager 2020 about?

The management simulation videogame genre is having a fairly increasing boom lately, in this case the video game in question was released a day ago on November 19, 2019, was developed by Sports Interactive and is being distributed by Sega to users of mobile devices Android and iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac OS, who will have the task of managing a team of football, but to know how to do it well and go far it is necessary to know how to manage your club and here we have everything about it.

How to manage your club in Football Manager 2020?

The first thing you have to know about how to manage your club is that as a club manager you will have to manage everything from tactics to hiring attendees and everything you need to take your club to another level.


Training is a very important aspect in a team, this allows its players to prepare for a match and you are ready for the initial whistle.

You can train your club every week and have each training divided into three sections. But this is not as simple as it sounds, you need to manage your training sessions by not adding too many sections, or else your team will be too tired and poorly prepared.

You can several sessions with high intensity training and more fun training activities to increase the morale of the players.

You can use special attributes so that your players can make tactics and move on the field with greater skill.


The transfer of players allows you to both receive and send players from your club to another by making new players part of your team and for this you will have to negotiate contracts that will determine the price of the player you are buying or selling and for this you definitely have to have certain ability to get or make the best offer.

Do not accept the first offer, this can always be negotiated and get a better proposal, when you get a better offer with which if you are satisfied you can close the deal, either to sell or buy.

Recruitment of assistants.

Hiring attendees is another important aspect of Football Manager 2020. These play an important role when you have to help your players in various tasks that are required in the team and that will allow you to focus on other aspects, such as finding teams to play games, motivate the team, player transfer and more.

Having all these aspects in mind has the main and the most necessary thing when you start asking yourself how to manage your club now that Football Manager 2020 has been released, keep in mind that good management means a successful team.

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