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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Who the Flame Emperor - Flame emperor guide

2019-07-30 21:50:03

Here are some simple steps to find out who the flame emperor is in the game Fire Emblem Three Houses.

What makes the flame emperor so interesting in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Let's clarify in the first instance Nintendo Switch launches Fire Emblem Three Houses, an excellent game of tactics so it will always be an important role an antagonistic character in this case we seek to know who is the Flame Emperor, but there is a detail that is important to know and is that this character does not work alone, because another antagonist is kept together in cooperation with the death knight and this makes him a much more complicated adversary to win in the game.

Who is the flame emperor in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

When we are about to conclude the first act we find out about the Flame Emperor and this is presented to us as Edelgrad, who belongs to the house of the black eagle, if we side with other houses the whole matter is complicated and in fact maybe we could until you change your identification and even the objective that the emperor wants, so the ideal thing will be to place yourself on the side of the house of black eagles because there will also be the troops that will be in charge of collecting the baskets for the emperor, continue to accompany him along these paths as During the story you will see that there is a possibility to make the character return and be part of the Adrest Empire where he really is a more credible emperor in Fire Emblem Three Houses.