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Final Fantasy XIV - Where To Hand In Sacks of Nuts - Basics tips to play

2019-06-29 17:09:33

Discover where to deliver walnut bags in Final Fantasy XIV. All the details, below.

Maybe in Final Fantasy XIV you have found bags of nuts with new fighters, if that is the case and you want to know how and where to deliver bags of nuts, then continue reading, because in this opportunity we will show you where to deliver them.

What are the walnut bags for in Final Fantasy XIV?

By completing some of the new Final Fantasy XIV searches, you will get walnut sacks in the inventory, these only serve as currency that you can collect and trade with NPC in exchange for items and benefits.

Where to deliver the sacks of nuts in Final Fantasy XIV?

When you have collected some Sacks of Nuts, visit one of the two different NPCs in order to exchange them for other items.

  • - You can find it in The Crystarium.
  • - While the other one is in Eulmore.

These are new regions that were introduced with Shadowbringers, which means that in order to access these areas, you will need to advance through the main search line.

  • Xylle - The Crystarium - X: 9.4 / Y: 9.5
  • Ilfroy - Eulmore - X: 11.0 / Y: 10.8

So you know where to deliver nuts bags in Final Fantasy XIV. Animate and enjoy a new adventure!

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