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Final Fantasy XIV: How to unlock the Dancer Job skills and abilities

2019-05-31 15:58:36

Dancing is one of the most powerful and world-known forms of expression, but I bet it can not be compared to the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV.

The work of Dancer of Final Fantasy XIV, is a different work, the objective of this new work of Shadowbringers, is to spread the damage from afar and to encourage your allies with some inspiring movements.

But before going dancing, first of all and naturally you need to know a few things about the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV. But we want you to start in the work of Dancer of Final Fantasy XIV in the best way possible, and not only have we prepared a few things about the new work for you, but we have all the details about the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV


What do I do to unlock the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV ?.

Leave the mortifications that you can have aside, to unlock the work of dancer in Final Fantasy XIV you will have to go to the coach who is in the city of Limsa Lominsa.

Before going make sure you have a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic job at level 60 to be able to start the mission, if not, then do not even try.

When you find the trainer, he will give you an introduction about the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV, he will also give you a weapon and a set of armors so that you can launch your first set of forms.

You can access the missions of the Final Fantasy XIV dancer work, when you are between the levels of 60 and 70, while the final mission will be unlocked when you are at level 80.

Dancer Job skills in Final Fantasy XIV.

Once you have the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV, you will have access to a balance of damage and support skills that will allow you to stay active in the battle as well as your allies.

What do you think is the main skill of the Final Fantasy dancer job?

It is possible that someone has not been able to occur, it is so obvious that there are possibilities to discard it, but the main skill of the Dancer Job is dancing.

Regardless of whether you choose to stay with the Standard Final or the Technical Final, four of your skills will be replaced by multi-colored dance steps. In addition, depending on the end you choose, you will have to combine two or four of these colors to perform a short dance choreography, improving your damage and allowing you to gain additional resources to use in additional attacks such as the Fourfold Feathers feature.

Fourfold Feathers allows you to achieve a single target or area of ​​attack of fans, has other times of reuse of your other abilities, which will accumulate a lot of burst damage that you can unleash against the enemy.

The Fourfold Feathers feature in Final Fantasy XIV also features an amazing finalizer, but you can only use it when you accumulate the Spiritual ability by landing basic weapons. Get it and you can unleash a huge wave of blows against nearby targets.

In group activities, you can choose a classmate as a dance partner to help you get resources a little faster. Your new dance partner will get the Espirit effect and his attacks can contribute to increasing your Spirit value to activate that great final movement. You can also make your critical hit improve for a few minutes, as well as its direct impact rates.

You can also share healing with your dance partner if you need it and you can activate a protective effect to alleviate the damage of the blows that bosses give you.

With the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV you can also get several remote DPS role actions that you can use to repel enemy attacks and that you can achieve as your level increases.

FFXIV Dancer lore.

Who we are a little more veteran in the series we can remember that the work of dancer is not something that is coming to the series for the first time in the XIV edition of Final Fantasy.

Some will remember that the dancer's work first appeared in Final Fantasy V. Then it became a rather weak melee work, with which she could cast magical abilities and perform one of four random dances that offered a variety of effects.

Later in Final Fantasy X-2 the work of dancer was very popular, although in this edition it was called "Songstress", where it could use several skills for both allies and for enemies without being able to execute attacks as such.

Although if we talk about MMO, the work of dancer was much more popular in the XI edition of Final Fanstasy where it was also announced for the first time that the dancer's work would become available in Final Fantasy XIV where it arrived to balance the roles of the current healers instead of adding a new one according to Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy XIV.