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Final Fantasy 15: How to fix bug Could not save game in Stadia

2019-12-05 08:39:29

We have made for you a Final Fantasy 15 guide where we will explain everything about how to correct the error The game could not be saved in Stadia.

How long does the error code appear? Couldn't save the game to Stadia in Final Fantasy 15?

A very important detail that we must emphasize to know how to correct fix bug not save the game in Stadia is the time in which they usually appear to spoil our adventure, because this usually is reflected around 15 or 20 hours of play, it is a quite annoying problem, which usually brings us several inconveniences, which considerably affects the game time that we have used in Google Stadia, on the other hand, we must bear in mind that this is a game that is compatible with devices equivalent to consoles and PC

What is the error code Could not save the game in Stadia in Final Fantasy 15?

To know how to correct the error the game could not be saved in Stadia it is important to keep in mind that we must know exactly what it is, because this is a problem that we are at a certain point in the game, which prevents us from accessing the game. session where we can reach the progress that we carry, although we can continue playing, the negative of this matter is that everything we do and move forward in the game simply will not be saved, pus we will remain stagnant even when we go beyond moving forward, it is good to highlight that Reddit already has knowledge about this problem, only that the answer he has given about it is not exactly the most pleasant.

What is true is that it is not yet known if Google worked together with Square Enix, because the stone is blocked by the road since Stadia refuses at all to solve this problem, since this code has obviously been confirmed of error by the developers of Final Fantasy 15, which indicates that in truth it is a global problem in relation to the games in Stadia, although they indicate that for the date they are still carrying out investigations, but they clarify that for the date they still do not guarantee any solution.

How to fix the error Could not save the game in Stadia in Final Fantasy 15?

A possible solution is indicated by Square through a letter indicating that it could work "free storage space by deleting saved photos", exactly in the game, for this it is necessary to keep the first two slots, storage, but perhaps it is not precisely the best, since a good number of players have made it very clear in Reddit that these solutions are honestly not at all favorable, since the problem still persists.

But obviously we are not going to wait until a miracle happens and our goal is to give some solution to the problem about how to fix bug could not save the game in Stadia, so we have closely followed all the comments that appear by Reddit and we have achieved a very interesting detail, and that is that a user, found a solution, because this user indicated that what he did was sleep in a trailer and once he woke up the error appeared at the time of saving it automatically , then he got into a car and drove to a nearby camp, there he camped and when he woke up again the error appeared again, but eye this user indicates that this happens when it is automatically saved, put, that when doing so manual way has worked for him, that is why we must put it into practice, since it could be the unofficial solution to our problem, which really makes us waste time and progress in a n game that is highly attractive as is Final Fantasy 15.

Normally for everyone it does not work the same, because knowing how to fix bug could not save the game in Stadia, it allows us to give another answer, since there are players who claim that this solution is effective, although on the other hand also a group indicates that doing this does not change the error at all, but we do not lose anything with trying, because on the one hand Google claims that those responsible for this error are simply the developers of the game, on the other hand Google does not offer reimbursement for the games that are are in Stadia and have been played for a period of more than 2 hours, which really is quite complex because it applies to virtually everyone who has suffered this problem, what is true is that the players are waiting for A permanent solution.

In summary, knowing how to fix bug could not save the game in Stadia in Final Fantasy 15, it does not have an official solution, because it only remains to try to apply the solutions that have been explained here and keep us in expectation of a permanent solution.

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