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FIFA 20 VOLTA: How to customize your Avatar in Volta

2019-08-12 23:17:05

Do you want to learn how to customize your Avatar in FIFA 20 VOLTA? Here we have it covered.

In this new installment of FIFA 20 VOLTA we will be explaining how you should customize your Avatar, in addition to showing you particularities of the VOLTA store. So stay with us.

How to customize your Avatar in FIFA 20 VOLTA?

According to the official information of FIFA 20 VOLTA, the creation of your Avatar should be quick and easy. This new FIFA 20 VOLTA mode allows you to design your own Avatar, which you can use in all its modes, participating in small football matches.

When you start the FIFA 20 VOLTA mode, you must create your own Avatar. To do this, you have several customization options that will help you to design your Avatar, such options are shown below:

  • - Facial features.
  • - Hairstyles.
  • - Various skin tones.
  • - Different facial features.
  • - Tattoos.
  • - Celebrations (shirts, hats, tops, shoes, shorts).
  • - Choice of gender (female or male).

That's right, FIFA 20 VOLTA allows you to customize your female Avatar and use it both in the Women's World Cup, as a manager in Career mode, or even to play mixed gender VOLTA matches.

How to unlock FIFA 20 VOLTA customization options?

In FIFA 20 VOLTA there are several ways in which you can unlock new options to customize your Avatar. VOLTA Shop is one of them, because there you can appreciate all the equipment that is available, in addition to the clothes and tattoos of course, but not only that, you can also compare them. Keep in mind that the store will be constantly updated and without prior notice, this means that some items will only be for a limited time, so take your forecasts.

How to buy customization items in the VOLTA Store?

To do this you must acquire the VOLTA Coins, which you get by winning matches and completing objectives. You should know that you can only get the best rewards when you win the most difficult matches and goals.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to customizing your Avatar, experiencing different styles, you can also customize any player on your team in FIFA 20 VOLTA, mixing unique styles designed by you.

Now that you know how to customize your Avatar in FIFA 20 VOLTA, it's your turn to try!

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